Tarrant County DWI

Once you have been arrested in Tarrant County for DWI there are usually a vareity of hurdles one must jump through. The first is to save your driving privileges by contacting the Administrative License Revocation ("ALR Hearing") for a civil hearing. This is for a driver license suspension hearing and you only have 15-days to request it.

Tarrant County Courts

Please call The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder at 214.702.CARL(2275) immediately for an exceptionally trained Criminal Defense, DWI Defense, and Personal Injury Attorney. Carl has worked in many of the Courts in Tarrant County, and welcomes every opportunity to guide those in need of help in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Tarrant County DWI Case

The next it your first court appearance to hear what you are going to be charged with. However, you should hire Tarrant County DWI lawyer that has the experience to fight for the best outcome for you. Also, since the Tarrant County courts take forever to initially send you your arraignment date, which you must show for, many aspects of your case can become misplaced or forgotten during the one to two month waiting period.

You are required in court about two to three weeks after you finally get your first court date. Having your DWI lawyer by your side while the actual charges are read will help him guide your case. Also, he will know what the prosecution’s intentions are, such as any plea deals at this point.

You are never required to take any plea ever. Your DWI attorney is also never allowed to make that decision for you, even if he is your acting representative in court and there could be several dates if you go to trial.

Once you have decided to fight your DWI case you will have to deal with at least two "contest dockets.” This is when your case is selected for trial in the upcoming week. There will also be a Friday jury selection process before the trial, which is usually held on Mondays.

At this point your Tarrant County for DWI lawyer may be approached by the prosecution with a lesser charge in hopes to avoid a trial. You will not have a DWI on your record, but if you are indeed "not guilty" - you may still opt to proceed with a trial. This is where a seasoned attorney comes in handy. They will fill you in on all the detail of what this could mean to you before you make a decision.

When hiring lawyer, be sure you choose wisely and seek out a veteran DWI attorney in Tarrant County. Do not be fooled by flashy websites touting they were prosecutors and know all the tricks, as it is possible they have never even defended a DWI client before.

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