Ceder Law Firm Welcome Information

Welcome!  On behalf of THE CEDER LAW FIRM I want to send you this message personally to extend our sincere welcome to as our client. It is my hope that we can assist in helping obtain the very best for you, regardless of the facts and/or circumstances of your legal situation.  While every case is different, and no outcome is EVER guaranteed, we try to work very hard to ensure you obtain the best representation available.  If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to me, or to any one of my staff members we are here to help you through what we know can be a tough time.

You have employed our office to represent you in the defense of a Driving While Intoxicated (or another Intoxication offense). As you know, the charge of DWI is a serious one, and can have lasting repercussions. You and I will have to work together as a team to put forth the strongest defense possible to the charge (or violation).

It is important for you to provide me with the names of any wit-nesses who might testify about the operation (or lack of operation) of the motor vehicle, the amount of alcohol you had consumed, your general physical health and appearance, and what your physical condition appeared to be either at the time of the arrest or immediately prior to the arrest. You must also try to remember whether you gave any statements, made any comments, or any admissions to the police or to any other person during the relevant time period. You must also try to remember whether any statements were made by the police, including whether any Miranda or implied consent rights were read, shown to, or given to you, when they were read, shown or given, and under what conditions they were read, shown or given.

Furthermore, try to remember all you can about any field sobriety or coordination tests, horizontal gaze nystagmus tests, preliminary breath tests or evidential chemical tests (breath, blood or urine) that were offered or given to you. As I most likely, or one of our staff members, explained to you during the initial intake and interview, the more complete the information you supply to me, as your attorney, the better I will be able to prepare your case for disposition or trial.

It is imperative that you be open and honest with me at all times. I must know some personal things about you, including your health history, your drinking habits, whether you have received any alcohol or drug counseling, whether you have any prior criminal convictions or encounters with the police, and whether any administrative action has ever been taken against you. The purpose of this information is not to invade your privacy, to pry or to embarrass you; rather, the information is necessary to assure adequate trial preparation. You must be candid about the information you supply, including your drinking habits, your prior driving record, and any prior convictions you may have. You can be sure that the district attorney (or other appropriate investigatory agency) will know about any past problems you have had. It could be devastating to the defense of your case if the district attorney (or other appropriate investigatory authority) has the information and I do not. The only reason I will not have the information is if you do not share it with me. By sharing the information, however, I may be able to lessen its impact. For example, it may be possible for me to suppress some or all of your prior convictions from admission as evidence at trial or to preclude their use for purposes of sentence enhancement. I cannot, how-ever, move to suppress those convictions or attempt to strike them for purposes of sentence enhancement if I do not know of their existence.

Furthermore, it is necessary that you fully understand the seriousness of this offense. If you are convicted and/or as a result of the “ALR” hearing that may take place, you could be at risk of losing your ability to be in possession of your driver’s license for a period of time. You will also be faced with possible substantial fines, and could be subject to additional statutory penalties, and an assortment of collateral consequences.

As just stated, you will also likely face some collateral consequences if convicted. These sanctions are not technically part of the court sentence but will still have an adverse impact on you. They can include possible increased insurance premiums, special license plates, publication of names of offenders in the newspapers, various places on the internet that disseminate such information, a requirement of additional financial responsibility (usually an “SR-22) before a license can be reissued, etc.).

Finally, it will not be easy to win your case or to succeed in plea negotiations. It will require a great deal of time, effort and skill in preparing the case from the investigative and discovery phases to trial. Let us work together to assure a well prepared, well-informed and thorough defense.

If you need to contact Sandy, my paralegal who I work extremely close with, by reaching out to the following:

   - Sandra “Sandy” Chaimowicz, Trial Paralegal

   - E-mail: Sandy@DFWDefenders.com and/or Sandy.CDCLaw@Gmail.com

   - Phone: (Direct Line): 469.340.0106/469.269.LAWS (5297)

Again, welcome to our office.  We welcome you as a client and look forward to working with you to get through this in the time ahead.  I hope more than anything we can help you achieve a positive outcome where you will be able to move forward without the hindrance of a criminal conviction on your record.  It is always my desire for everyone that engages my office to leave our service following what disposition results feeling satisfied, and with the utmost confidence knowing they received experienced, proficient, and aggressive legal representation from our Law Office. 


                                                                     Carl Ceder
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