Just Arrested?

To read more about helpful tips once you have been arrested, including right after the actual arrest, and once you are bailed out of jail, please read more HERE. The following are some helpful tips to consider once you have been placed under arrested, and you have been bailed out of jail. This list is not exhaustive, and to read more about this situation, please read more HERE.

  • Write Down Everything

In Texas, DWI cases are won and lost with details. Many facts matter - so it important for you to write them down immediately so you can remember, no matter how insignificant. Your memory will fade over time, and important details that could help win your case could be lost. Here are some questions to help retain your memory of the event:

→ When and where were you stopped?

→ What reason did the officer give for your stop?

→ Was a breath test administered? If so, with what device?

→ Was a blood sample obtained? If so, write everything you recall about the blood test. Remember, details are important.

→ What did you tell the arresting officer about what you had to eat or drink?

→ Take some time to write down everything you can remember from the stop. You may not think so now, but you will thank yourself later.

  • Remove All Pictures and Posts of Yourself Drinking and Partying Online

Remember the phrase “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law?” Well, in this era of social media, anything you post on the internet can and will be used against you as well — especially if your case is tried before a Judge or Jury. Prosecutors often scour social media sites like Facebook or Twitter looking for incriminating photos or posts to use against DWI defendants, especially if the case proceeds to trial. So take it down!

Presented out of context, these public materials can damage your reputation enough to turn a jury against you — even if you’re innocent and not intoxicated. Do not deliver up to the District Attorney who will likely try your case with ammunition to use against you. Remove any incriminating photos or posts of yourself online today and immediately following being released from jail.

  • Find Witnesses (Intoxication Witnesses)

Talk to your friends, family, and acquaintances – especially if they saw you right before, right after, or even during your stop and subsequent arrest. Ask them if they would be willing to testify on your behalf in court. Witnesses can go a long way to strengthen your defense, so gather as many as you can. What is especially relevant are "intoxication witnesses" — which would include anyone with you on the night in quesiton who could testify as to how many drinks you had, over what period of time, etc.

  • Hire an Experienced, Skilled, and Trained DWI Defense Attorney

The most important decision you’ll make to contest your charge of Driving While Intoxicated, simply put, is the decision of which lawyer you choose will defend you in court. The experienced DWI attorneys at The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder are qualified, highly-trained, and experienced and will do everything possible to help you mount the best possible defense, given whatever factor are involved. Carl and his staff place a specific focus in doing everything possible to provide professional, skilled, aggressive representation, and vow to fight aggressively for your case, your license, and your rights according to the law in Texas. 

  • Don’t Obsess

Your DWI case is likely among most stressful events of your life, and most commonly occurs in everyday, and ordinary citizens who have never been through the criminal justice system before. Therefore, it’s completely natural to obsess over the consequences and the outcome of your case and what disposition will result. An aggressive Texas DWI Defense Attorney  should assure you that they will fight for you case, and can take much of the stress and burden off your shoulders. So try to relax. Carl usually tells prospective and current clients that after choosing him represent them in court, it is our job to worry about all factors and scenarios involved.

  • Contact Us Now

You can contact The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder at anytime for assistance with any charge of Driving While Intoxicated in Texas at 214.702.CARL(2275) or at 469.2000.DWI(394). You can also e-mail Carl directly, at Carl@CederLaw.com; or to the office for general inquiries at Info@DFWDefenders.com. Phones should be answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week for immediate and prompt assistance. E-mail messages will try to be responded to with 24-48 hours, depending on whether Carl and his team is in trial and/or is busy working on a case for a contested hearing.